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The Study

You’ve just received an urgent letter from your friend Dr. Elliot Cartwright, an avid historian and treasure hunter. He needs you to retrieve the journal from his study and deliver it to him. Its contents contain his life’s work and are crucial to answering the mystery of the Awa Maru, a WWII-era Japanese ship rumored to be laden with treasure when it went down into the briny deep. The Dr. warns however that locating his journal will not be easy. He has taken considerable measures to ensure that it will not fall into the wrong hands.

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Interstellar Escape

Jarred awake from a deep hyper-sleep you find yourself trapped aboard an alien vessel. As your eyes begin to focus through the dimly lit corridor you notice you’re not alone. The sight of twisted metal and sound of creaking hull tell you there’s no time to waste. Escaping your own bonds is of primary importance. You then must choose to assist your fellow captives or work to save yourself!